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Kelly Robson owner of Baby Bliss Consulting. Kelly is a Happiest Baby Educator in Omaha, NE

Kelly Robson, Baby Bliss Consulting

Hi! I'm Kelly Robson, owner of Baby Bliss Consulting. When I'm not providing consultations and teaching classes, you'll find me with my husband, four boys (ages 7-12), and our furry friend Oliver. I'm either on the bleachers, or parked in my favorite purple camping chair on the sidelines. I love rainy or snowy days when everything is canceled and my whole family is at home together. I also love chocolate, flavored coffee, and sweater weather. 

Since graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I've spent the last 18 years in different training capacities, helping families adjust to life with newborns, solve infant sleep issues, and overcome potty training nightmares.

When my first son was born,  I decided not to return to work, but to stay home with him and be the best mother I could be.  Unfortunately, I found myself completely unprepared!  Luckily, a friend encouraged me to read "The Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg.  I am still a true believer in her strategies and continue to advise families I work with to get on an EASY schedule from day one!   Twelve years later, I laugh when I look back at those first few nights at home with our son!  Needless to say, I have learned a lot since then.  In 2006, I became a certified Sign2Me Instructor through Dr. Joseph Garcia's SIGN with your BABY® program. I launched Kelly’s Little Signers, to teach parents and childcare providers how to communicate with preverbal infants and toddlers through American Sign Language.  I began teaching classes at local hospitals, colleges, childcare centers, and in-home day cares. Although my name has changed, my signing classes have not! To date, I have taught well over a thousand parents and providers how to sign with babies and toddlers.  In 2007, I found myself pregnant again (another boy) and developing my second signing workshop. In 2009, I became a certified Happiest Baby Educator to teach parents and providers how to calm babies and help them sleep longer.  In 2010, I had no idea that my path had been preparing me all along for my next challenge:  I found myself pregnant with twin boys! Having had four boys in five years, I am confident that I have seen and tried everything!  When things calmed down a little at home, I changed my name from Kelly's Little Signers, to Baby Bliss Consulting, to broaden the range of services I provide. I'm also a Safe With You trainer for Nebraska (Preventing SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Abusive Head Trauma, Child Abuse & Neglect). I also teach Love & Logic and Early Learning Guidelines classes. I recently became an Infant Massage Instructor, and I'm excited to share the soothing power of touch with parents and providers. 


"Soothe & Sleep" consultations and potty training overview

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