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Kelly Robson, Baby Bliss Consulting

Hi! I'm Kelly Robson, owner of Baby Bliss Consulting and Pediatric Sleep Consultant in Omaha - certified through The Sleep, Baby, Sleep® consultant certification program. When I'm not providing consultations and teaching classes, you'll find me with my husband, four boys (ages 13, 11, 7 & 7), and our furry friend Oliver. I'm either on the bleachers, or parked in my favorite purple camping chair on the sidelines. I love rainy or snowy days when everything is canceled and my whole family is at home together. I also love dark chocolate, flavored coffee, and sweater weather. 

Since graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I've spent the last 18 years in different training capacities, helping families adjust to life with newborns, solving sleep issues, and overcoming potty training nightmares.

When my first son was born,  I decided not to return to work, but to stay home with him and be the best mother I could be.  Unfortunately, I found myself completely unprepared!  Luckily, a friend encouraged me to read "The Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg.  I am still a true believer in her strategies and continue to advise families I work with to get on an EASY schedule from day one! Twelve years later, I laugh when I look back at those first few nights at home with our son!  Needless to say, I have learned a lot since then. 

In 2006, I became a certified Sign2Me Instructor through Dr. Joseph Garcia's SIGN with your BABY® program. I launched Kelly’s Little Signers, to teach parents and childcare providers how to communicate with preverbal infants and toddlers through American Sign Language.  I began teaching classes at local hospitals, colleges, childcare centers, and in-home day cares. Although my name has changed, my signing classes have not! To date, I have taught thousands of parents and providers how to sign with babies and toddlers.  In 2007, I found myself pregnant again (another boy) and developing my second signing workshop. 

In 2009 I became a certified Happiest Baby Educator to teach parents and providers how to calm babies and help them sleep longer.  In 2010, I had no idea that my path had been preparing me all along for my next challenge:  I found myself pregnant with twin boys! Having had four boys in five years, I am confident that I have seen and tried everything!  

When things calmed down a little at home, I changed my name from Kelly's Little Signers, to Baby Bliss Consulting, to broaden the range of services I provide. In addition to being a Baby Sleep Consultant, I recently became a certified Infant Massage Instructor and have enjoyed teaching parents about the soothing power of touch.  In addition to baby sign language workshops, I provide several different training classes for Nebraska providers including: Safe With You (preventing SIDS, Abusive Head Trauma, and Child Abuse & Neglect), Love & Logic, and Emergency Preparedness classes. I'm excited to meet you and learn how I can help your family!


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