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Potty training in Omaha, NE

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Whether you're just starting or have made several failed attempts at potty training, I can help! Potty training doesn't have to be a power struggle between parent and child - it can actually be fun!  When you are serious about potty training, contact me! We will set up a call to discuss the process and I'll send you a form to fill out so I can learn all about your child's unique personality. Based on your responses, I'll create a potty training plan for your child. I'll email it to you, then we'll chat again so I can answer any questions you may have. Then you're ready to get started! 

Results may vary depending on the consistency of training, and may be impacted by other developmental delays.  

My clients say it best!

Potty training in Omaha, NE

Potty Training testimonials

"Kelly helped us to potty train my stubborn third born. My first two were easy, but my third had no motivation to potty train. Kelly was with me every step of the way! Even after she left my house she was reaching out by phone, texting seeing how things were going, offering encouraging words on the tough days and consistently offering new ideas until we had it down! My only regret is not knowing about Kelly sooner. Highly recommend." - Kimberly, mother (Omaha)

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to Kelly for her help and guidance in potty training my 3.5 yr old boy. Its been over a year of ups and downs so the support helped immensely! Today is day 3 and my son has been dry all day! I even felt brave enough to go on a field trip to the store and he did great! Thank you so much! I'm hoping others who have been struggling with this huge milestone seek out Kelly. I'm sure glad I did!" - Emily, mother (Omaha)

"We used Kelly's help to get my daughter to sleep better (and it was amazing) so when it came time to potty train my son we decided that instead of spending tons of time reading and asking other moms what they did, we would just trust Kelly. I'm so glad we did. It was good for us and it was good for our son. Low stress. Specific rules to follow. Positive process." - Amanda, mother (Omaha)

"We worked with Kelly to help with potty training our stubborn three-year-old son. Within one morning it was the furthest we've ever gotten with him. Her method for potty training is so different than what we were trying and works amazing." - Sara, mother (Omaha)

"Kelly is wonderful! My son was about to turn 4 and still no successes in potty training. Kelly had him going in the potty that first day! I would highly recommend her services. She offered great knowledge and support in an area that was frustrating myself as a mom. She was such a big help." -Valerie, mother (Omaha)

"We were struggling getting our 3.5 year old potty trained. We had tried everything for over a year. What Kelly did for my son and my family is more than potty training, she helped him gain independence and have pride in being able to achieve this milestone. She is a fantastic coach and provides support when you need it most. I can't recommend her enough." - Liliana, mother (Elkhorn)

"Kelly has figured out the secret to potty training without all of the frustration that normally comes with such a task! I highly recommend Baby Bliss Consulting if you are looking to potty train your little ones!" - Carly Cronk, mother

"Baby Bliss has worked wonders on my son for his potty training! He was officially trained in a day and a half and the method used worked so well!! I highly recommend Kelly!" - Jenny Hanson, mother

"After meeting with Kelly I soon realized that her method made more sense than anything I had come across before. If you're at all unsure about potty training or have been struggling, call Kelly!" - Audrey Burn, mother


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