Baby Bliss Testimonials: Sleep Consultations

Sleep Consultation Testimonials

"We called Kelly to help our seven month old baby sleep and she was amazing! We were struggling with the transition into the crib, naptimes, bedtime, and sleep in general. Our little guy was waking every 2 hours (at least!) and it left me exhausted and short-tempered with my big kids. Kelly came into our house, ensured we had a good sleep environment, and then worked with us to develop a plan that would work for our family! She supported me daily—she helped to problem solve, provided encouragement, and was truly excited as we had success! Our babe now rubs his eyes as we cross into his room for naptime and bedtime and falls asleep easily. We have a simple naptime and bedtime routine. We are so thankful for Kelly. My only regret is not calling her sooner!" - Chelsea, mother (Gretna)

"My husband and I felt like there was no hope. After trying different techniques, and endless nights of a our baby not being happy, we didn’t know what to do. We were on survivor mode, which meant co sleeping, endless nursing, and mommy not getting enough sleep. I laid in bed one night, while my daughter cried, and searched for help on training a baby to sleep. I found Baby Bliss Consulting, and desperately reached out in the middle of the night for help. The first night, my daughter slept 11 hours. Nap time was a success as well. I’m so thankful for Kelly." - Christina, mother (Omaha)

"Very responsive, thorough and a great listener! As a mom lacking sleep, she holds you accountable and gives action steps to give you sleep and teach independence! Highly recommend her. Her services are so worth it." - Cindy, mother (Omaha)

"Moms with babies/kids that don't sleep at night? I highly recommend Baby Bliss Consulting! With so much information out there, Kelly Robson came into my house and made a plan specific for my babe. Also gave me the tools for future babes! Best money I spent on MYSELF and for my little girl." - Courtney, mother (Omaha)

"My 6 month old was waking up almost every hour at night to nurse and didn't nap well. To put her down at night I would have to nurse her or lay down with her for over an hour. After working with Kelly she falls asleep on her own within 15min for naps and bedtime. She even goes almost all night without making a peep. The change is remarkable and it only took a few days. I would recommend Kelly a hundred times over." - Katie, mother (Omaha)

"Kelly completed an in home consultation with our new 3 month old baby and it was such a wonderful experience! She provided great positive feedback to us on things that we were doing, and offered tips and ideas for soothing our baby and getting him to sleep longer stretches at night. I also really enjoyed learning about baby massage and so did our baby.  Definitely a very beneficial consultation!!!" - Jessica, mother (Omaha)

"I wish I would have sought help from Baby Bliss Consulting sooner! Kelly is thoughtful in her approach as she teaches you the best (and easiest) way to put your baby down to sleep. Having her in your home to walk you through the process step by step is invaluable. Kelly brought a peace of mind and calmer atmosphere to our home. Having a newborn is challenging and knowing you can count on her for advice and support is a true comfort." - Tina, mother (Omaha)

"After many sleepless nights we reached out to Kelly to help arm us with sleep techniques and habits that we can use consistently throughout our son’s childhood. She helped us create a routine, taught us some easy and consistent methods for getting our son to sleep, and has checked-in regularly to make sure we have everything we need. Kelly has been so warm and friendly - she made us feel like no question or issue we were having was silly. Within days, our son began sleeping longer at night and bedtime became peaceful, instead of something to dread. Thank you so much, Kelly!" - Ashley, mother (Omaha)

"Kelly is a huge wealth of knowledge. She tailors the advice she gives you based on your personal preferences. The best thing about her service is that she continues to follow-up after the initial consultation and helps you adjust your routine as your baby grows and changes. I wish I would’ve hired her sooner!" - Whitney, mother (Elkhorn)

“Kelly is amazing! We’ve had the most difficult time getting our daughter settled and to sleep at night. Kelly taught us new techniques, giving us the tools we needed to get our little one to sleep. We call Kelly the "baby whisperer." Thank you so much Kelly! I wish I would have called you months ago!!!” – Keli, mother (Elkhorn)

“I highly recommend Kelly at Baby Bliss Consulting. As first time parents we were unsure about how to transition our 5 month old out of the rock 'n play and into her crib. Kelly also helped us get her on a consistent napping schedule and sleeping through the night. Our whole family is now better rested and happier! It was such a great decision to enlist Kelly's help.” – Jennifer, mother (Omaha)

“Thank you, Kelly Robson, for helping my family get back on track in the sleep department!! Our family is fully rested for the first time in months...9 months, to be exact, when my littlest was born. Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Katie, mother (Omaha)

“We had a tough time getting our son to sleep in his crib and take naps. Once we started working with Kelly...things got so much better! His schedule is more consistent, he sleeps awesome at night, and naps are great too.” – Brenda, mother (Omaha)

“After 2 months of having my son up 6+ times a night, he is finally sleeping through the night after one week of Kelly's help! She is amazing and I truly appreciate her support through all of this. I have learned so much from you. I couldn't have done this without you!” – Jennifer, mother (Elkhorn)

“My 6 month old was still waking every 2-3 hours to nurse. I read and tried everything I could think of to make it better, but never found the right combination to make any progress. I highly recommend using Kelly for your baby's sleep problems!” – Amanda, mother (Omaha)

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