Baby Sign language

On-line Baby Sign Language Course

Using baby sign language with preverbal babies and toddlers has so many benefits! It increases communication, reduces frustration, and increases verbal language development to name a few. 

Busy schedules make it hard for parents and providers to take a class. This 2 hour on-line class will teach you the basics of signing in the comfort of your own home! With 50 signs tailored to the routines and interests of preverbal babies and toddlers, you'll finish the course ready to start signing immediately. You can take one short module at a time, or the entire 2 hour course all at once. Plenty of reviews are built right in, so when you're finished the signs will "stick!" 

Is this class for me?

To take this e-learning course, there are a few basic requirements for parents and providers. You must have:

  1. Basic computer knowledge
  2. Access to a desktop or laptop computer (a mobile device will not support the training)
  3. Internet access fast enough to stream videos
  4. A gmail account (or willingness to create one - gmail accounts are free!)
  5. Comfort with the English language

Getting Started

Select the "Link to Payment Page" button below to pay the $25 class fee via PayPal for 6 months of access or $50 for lifetime access (this option is available for parents only). 

Within a few hours, you will receive an email invitation to join the class. Once you receive the email, log-in with your gmail account (or create an account). That's it! You now access to begin the self-paced course. 

Link to Payment Page

Childcare Providers

This on-line baby sign language class is equivalent to 2 in-service hours. To receive a state approved in-service certificate, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Upon completion of the class, email me at to request a certificate of completion
  2. Use the NECPRS independent study process:
  3. Submit the independent study form and certificate of completion to the Early Childhood Training Center and they will send you a state approved in-service certificate

Directors: If you are paying for several employees via your PayPal account, simply send me their e-mail addresses at and I will "invite" them individually to join the class.

Contact me at with questions about this process.