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Child Care Centers & Mom's Day Out Programs

Omaha childcare centers, Papillion Childcare Center, Mom's Day Out

Returning to work after maternity and/or paternity leave is often difficult for the whole family. Scheduling a "Soothe & Sleep" consultation several weeks before daycare begins ensures that baby has time to learn the skills necessary for a smooth transition. Baby Bliss partners with the following childcare centers and mom's day out programs to make this transition easier for baby.

Creative Beginnings Children's Academy

Garden Patch Creative Learning Center

Harrison Village Childcare

Hearts & Minds Early Childhood Program (Preschool & Mom's Day Out)

Kids Round Up Child Development Center

Love and Learn Christian Childcare & Preschool

Millard Childcare & Preschool

Our Precious Lambs

Papillion Montessori

Paradigm Educational Center

Childbirth Education

Soothe & Sleep consultations in Omaha. I will teach you techniques to soothe baby and increase sleep

Towards the end of these childbirth education classes, I will attend  a class and provide an overview of what's to come in terms of crying and sleeping when baby arrives. It's also a perfect time for parents to learn more about Baby Bliss and ask questions about the services.

Birth Boot Camp - Shannon Sands

Birth Boot Camp specializes in preparing couples for an amazing birth and breastfeeding experience. Shannon believes all couples deserve a comprehensive childbirth education, empowering them to make informed decisions about their care during pregnancy and birth. According to Shannon, teaching Birth Boot Camp is simply awesome: fun, interactive, modern and couple-focused!  

The Bradley Method - Rachel Kuenzli

The Bradley Method® works by empowering and preparing women to give birth naturally.  The classes will teach prenatal nutrition, exercises, relaxation techniques, and the stages of labor and birth.  The classes also prepare coaches to provide essential support to women throughout pregnancy and labor.  

Dog Training

Dog Gone Problems, dog training

Welcoming a baby into the home can be stressful for our furry friends. Planning for this can help! Baby Bliss partners with Dog Gone Problems to make the transition easier for everyone.

Dog Gone Problems

Helping a dog learn and practice behaviors and specific commands before the baby comes can alleviate a lot of problems before they start. Knowing your dog knows what you want from them before your bundle of joy arrives helps you eliminate stress and leaves more time to bond with your baby. Dog Gone Problems' positive in-home training sessions are customized and tailored to your dog, home, and lifestyle. That's a big reason why after helping thousands of dogs, less than 1% of clients need to see them more than once. 

In-home Pediatric Care


Having four boys in five years, I understand how difficult it is to haul EVERYONE to the doctor for sick visits. Baby Bliss whole heartedly recommends Erin Thoman at Nebraska Home Pediatrics. When your littles are sick, stay home and let Erin come to you!

Nebraska Home Pediatrics conveniently comes to your home when your child is sick and provides high-quality, personalized care. The nurse practitioners are trained and licensed to treat minor illnesses and injuries as well as write prescriptions when medically appropriate. Appointments are convenient and quick, plus there is no waking of a sleeping child, no long waits in a clinic lobby, and no unnecessary exposure to other sick children.



When considering a photographer to capture the most intimate moments of your baby's birth, you want to make sure this is someone you can trust. Baby Bliss is proud to partner with Katie Stauffer Photography for birth and newborn photos.

Katie Stauffer Photography 

Katie is a true artist. She specializes in birth photography and newborn photos, but she does other portrait sessions as well. Her style is vivid and colorful. She loves dramatic black and whites and warm vibrant colors. Visit her website for examples of her amazing work!

Pregnancy Care & Birth / Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, & Massage Therapy

pregnancy care and birth, Guiding Hands Midwifery

Guiding Hands Midwifery 

Having delivered two of my own children naturally with Jenda Stauffer, I cannot recommend her enough. Each appointment was personal and there was always time for questions. I was unable to see Jenda during my twin pregnancy, but she and Tess were among my first visitors in the hospital when they were born. Thank you Jenda for making childbirth such a memorable experience for me!

Guiding Hands Midwifery is a private practice women's health care clinic. Jenda Stauffer, CNM and Lydia Rhodes, CNM pride themselves on being one of the few practices in Omaha where patients are encouraged to see one midwife throughout their pregnancy. Your midwife will be present throughout your labor, providing hands on labor support. Many families report that they bring an intimacy and emotional connection to the childbirth experience.

Resilient Health and Wellness: 

It's always reassuring to know that who you've become comfortable working with during pregnancy, can continue helping you and your entire family after baby is born!

Through chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy, Dr. Ally Simmons loves helping women - before, during and after pregnancy to reach their fertility, pregnancy, and family goals. Dr. Simmons and the staff at Resilient Health & Wellness provide safe and natural healthcare options to help men, women, and children live life to the fullest! 

Baby Bliss Community Outreach

Carole's House of Hope

Baby Bliss Consulting partners with Carole's House of Hope to provide "Soothe & Sleep" consultations free of charge to young mothers residing there.

Carole's House of Hope provides hope and healing for mothers and their children through innovative programs and services that promote self-sufficiency and independence. Their vision is to inspire mothers to discover their individual promise, purpose, and power to positively influence their families, impact their communities, and change the world.

Visit the volunteer page for opportunities to get involved or become a Partner. Helping young mothers is a wonderful way to give back to the community.


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